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Meet Poet/Performer Andresia Moseley, See What an Artist Grant Can Do for You

Andresia MoseleyLast January, spoken word poet and theatre artist Andresia Moseley applied for one of the Arts Council’s professional development grants for artists. She wanted a new laptop to finish her first full theatrical work, Five Black Women, a one woman show dealing with the misconceptions and truth of the lives of black women. She had received serious interest from three major groups who were willing to mentor and partner with her but she was performing on tour nationally which meant she could only work with them long distance via video conferences. A new laptop would solve that problem too.  

Andresia bought the laptop and began working with her mentors. Five Black Women went from conceptual phase into script development with a writing residency at the ASU Kerr Cultural Center. She was commissioned to produce a work-in-progress show by Art2Action, ASU Gammage and the National Performance Network last September. Her project has also received the 2018 Creation and Development Fund from the National Performance Network.

Andresia summed up what the Arts Council’s artist grant did for her: “When I initially applied for the Professional Development Artist Grant with the Arts Council of Hillsborough, I simply had a concept and a residency. The [Five Black Women] project did not have any additional funding, nor did I have the equipment to produce professional branding products or to allow for me to receive the necessary mentorship (primarily being able to work with national organizations with conference calling, video auditions, etc.) to move the project further. By receiving this initial grant, I was able to fully establish the residency with ASU Gammage, apply for additional funding with the National Performance Network, develop additional brand materials and finish the full script development for production.  This has helped my goals of being able to move the show into full development and producing a national tour of the work. As an artist, it has been my goal to do a project that fully engulfs who I am, who I have been and where I am going. Five Black Women is doing precisely that.”


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If the answer is yes, you may be eligible to apply for one of the Arts Council’s 2019 artist grants.

Artists may apply for up to $2,000 for one of two purposes:

  • Education Experience – residency, workshop, conference
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