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USF Opens RESTRICTED Exhibition, Hidden Gems from Their Collection

USF’s Contemporary Art Museum has a large collection and is bringing out some of its hidden gems with the Restricted exhibition June 8 – August 4, 2018.

Restricted will display seldom seen but important works from the permanent collection of the USF Contemporary Art Museum, including paintings, prints, video, sculptures, installations, and archival material by leading artists such as Claes Oldenburg, John Cage, Lynda Benglis, Mernet Larsen, Burt Barr, Robert Stackhouse, and many others. All the works are restricted in the environments and contexts in which they can be displayed and this exhibition offers not only the opportunity to view these “hidden gems,” but a discussion of their care and the competing pressures of best museum practices.

USF CAM: Gladys Nilsson, A Artystick Extravaganza, 1977

At the heart of museum work is the desire to both preserve and present our cultural heritage, but it can be a complex process to balance the needs of conservation, access, education, and museum resources. Like most museums, USFCAM shows only a portion of its more than 5,000 object collection at any one time. A variety of factors influence when and where objects are shown. With limited gallery space, USFCAM exhibits some collection works in public spaces on campus and with our corporate partners, but these venues pose environmental and security concerns.

Some artworks are particularly vulnerable due to their media or physical state, some have special or unique installation requirements, while others have content issues, questions of authenticity or attribution that can complicate their presentation. Restricted will allow these objects to be shown in an environment that accommodates the demands of preservation and access.

This exhibition was team curated by USFCAM and IRA staff, with participants advocating for the restricted work in the USF Collection that they would most like visitors to see.


Art Thursday: Curator’s Tour

June 14, 6–8 pm, USF Contemporary Art Museum

Tour a selection of seldom displayed art from USFCAM’s permanent collection and discover why these intriguing artworks are rarely shown. The exhibition Restricted was group curated by the museum staff, and they will share their insights on the works of art and why, despite certain restrictions, they should be seen. Leslie Elsasser, Curator of Education, will lead the visit.


Art Thursday: Tales from The Vault: Access vs. Preservation

July 12, 6–8 pm, USF Contemporary Art Museum

Join CAM for a lively discussion amongst curators, collection management teams and gallery directors to discover the secrets of their contemporary art collections. Why are certain artworks kept locked in collection vaults while others are regularly seen? Explore some of these “behind the scenes” issues with our colleagues; Jocelyn Boigenzahn (Scarfone/Hartley Gallery, University of Tampa), Ashley Burke (Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg), Kristin DuFrain (USF Graphicstudio), Sarah Howard (USFCAM), Katherine Pill (Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg), and Joanna Robotham (Tampa Museum of Art). The discussion will be moderated by Shannon Annis (USFCAM).

— Image, USF Contemporary Art Museum, Gladys Nilsson, A Artystick Extravaganza, 1977 

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