Support the Arts


Volunteers are at the heart of every successful arts organization. Whether you volunteer for a project, an ongoing service or an organization’s programs, giving of the treasure of your time is ALWAYS needed and greatly appreciated. Please call us at (813) 276-8250 or send us an email via our Contact page to find out how you can help the Arts Council serve our community.

Want to volunteer at one of Hillsborough County’s nonprofit arts organizations? These groups could use your support: Volunteers Needed page.


Be an Advocate

When we stand together we make a greater impact. Whether it is on the local level with the Arts Council or as part of a state, regional or national organization, you can make your belief in the importance of the arts count. Join or contact: 

Be A Grant Panelist

Participation on local grant panels is one way to be directly involved in supporting the local artists and arts organizations in our community. The Arts Council invites you to apply to be part of our grant process. Each of our grant programs is adjudicated by a multi-member panel who review and score applications independently. The panel’s recommendations are taken to our Board of Directors for a final decision on funding. Find out more about being a grant panelist and apply online