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Save the Date for 2019 Creative Placemaking Summit

Creative Placemaking


Mark Your Calendars for the 2019 Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit presented by the National Consortium for Creative Placemaking (NCCP) and ArtPlace America – Regional conference for the South and Appalachia

CREATIVE PLACEMAKING is about partners working together, engaging the arts and local culture to shape, revitalize, and rejuvenate places.


WHEN: APRIL 16-18, 2019 (early bird registration opens in Dec.)

INFO: Sign up to be notified of opening registration, instructors, schedules, submitting proposals. 

REGION: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia

The Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit program helps grow and professionalize the field.  It teaches and promotes high standards of practice; models inclusiveness, collaboration, and mutual respect; and provides a gateway that is accessible for creative placemakers who don’t yet know they are creative placemakers. Our approach to knowledge building is iterative. Leadership Summits provide a node for people of all levels of knowledge to share what they know.  


Since 2014, we have held nine Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits or Creative Placemaking Knowledge Exchanges in Colorado, New Jersey, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Maryland.  More than 1,600 people have participated in these events, which have featured more than 200 sessions on a wide range of issues involving creative placemaking.

We offer a range of learning activities – from traditional seminars (for awareness building) to interactive workshops (for synthesis and application) to peer exchanges (for evaluation and creation.)  Some sessions – such as field workshops, provide concrete experiences, while others, such as the peer exchanges, offer opportunities for abstract conceptualization.

Modeling the behaviors that we hope to see in the field, we collaborate with a wide variety of people and organizations. Together, we identify themes, issues, and key audiences for each Summit. NCCP works to reach out and recruit partners from under-represented communities in the field — whether they be ethnic, cultural, or sectoral communities.  To date, we have worked with more than 100 partners around the United States.

As our communities become more diverse, they may also become more divided. Creative placemaking provides ways to build bridges across these differences in hopes of more inclusive, connected, and resilient places. Join us as we explore how arts and cultural programming can bring people closer together.

How can creative placemaking foster public-private partnerships that magnify positive impact in communities? Among the variety of types of partnerships, we would be particularly interested in examples of public/private partnerships that include visionary involvement by mayors or city leadership. This theme encompasses case studies from the region and practical skills that can be applied to build productive alliances.

How can artful design build transportation infrastructure that enhances civic life? How can creatively programming a space encourage physical activity that promotes health and wellness? How can art bridge the gap between rural and urban communities?

Strong networks can help a community overcome challenges posed by outside forces including natural disasters and the economic decline. How can the arts and arts activities build the networks that strengthen the immune system of a community?

A home can be a hospitable place for guests and still be a home. How can artful storytelling preserve unique cultural traditions while keeping the door open for traditionally unheard voices?



Want to be an instructor or facilitator at this summit? Session submissions are due Jan 9, 11:59pm EST. SUBMIT A PROPOSAL



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