AEP5 Report for Hillsborough County

Arts & Economic Prosperity 5, Hillsborough County

The arts mean BUSINESS in Hillsborough County! A new economic impact study released by the Americans for the Arts shows some astonishing figures. The results show Hillsborough County’s nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and their audiences generate $433 MILLION in annual economic activity. And, just as important, the arts mean jobs! Nearly 15,000 fulltime equivalent jobs are supported by this cultural industry.


Where Data Came From

The Arts Council of Hillsborough County conducted a research study throughout 2016 to measure the impact of the arts within the entire county. A second study then separated the data and measured impact within Tampa’s city limits. The Arts Council, working Americans for the Arts, gather data from:

  • 2,114 attendees about their spending relative to arts events, performances and exhibitions
  • 76 eligible nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in the county about their own spending on goods and services.


One-Page Summary of AEP5, Hillsborough County

Full AEP5 Report on the Economic Impact of the Arts for Hillsborough County

One-Page Summary of AEP5, City of Tampa Only

Full AEP5 Report on the Economic Impact of the Arts for Within City of Tampa Only

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