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Job: Mad Cow Theatre, Costume Designer

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Mad Cow Theatre is seeking a creative, skilled and energetic Costume Designer for up to 6 productions in our 2017-2018 season. The Costume Designer is responsible for designing, fitting, altering, and maintaining all costumes.

The Costume Designer is directly responsible for and oversees all costumes from design to completion. Costume Designer is expected to work in an organized manner through their process of research, design sketches, costume building, final fittings and by tech week, providing a costume plot for stage management to utilize during the production.

All wardrobe decisions, questions and problems will be filtered through the Costume Designer. Costume Designer must attend production meetings, tech meetings, tech rehearsals and opening night. During fittings, the Costume Designer must ensure that the alterations are done efficiently and are of the quality required for each production.  

MORE INFO: Interested parties should email a cover letter, resume, and portfolio to Jessica Kaschube at