Be Part of Our Grant Process

The Arts Council invites members of the community to apply to serve as a panelist for our grant programs. The application form can be found at the end of this page.

Grant panelists are selected based on their knowledge of and experience in the arts, business and nonprofit management, and the community. Panelists review and score the applications and discuss them at a public grant panel meeting. The averages of the scores from panelists are used to determine the funding each organization receives. Up to seven individuals will be selected to serve on our independent grant panel. 

Applications are sent to panelists three weeks before the public panel meeting. Panelists must have completed their scoring by that time and must attend the public meeting. Additional information regarding the requirements and expectations for grant panelists can be found here: GRANT PANELIST FACT SHEET.

Grant panelists must be objective when considering the merits of organizations’ applications. For this reason, panelists are asked to disclose any relationships they have with applicant organizations (e.g. they serve on the board or staff, have a spouse or family member who serves on the board, etc.). Having a conflict of interest with an organization does not make you ineligible to serve as a panelist. However, during the public panel meeting, panelists are asked to leave the room during the discussion of and voting on any application with which they have a potential conflict of interest.

Should you be selected as a panelist you will be asked to identify whether you have a relationship or potential conflict of interest with any applicants.

The Arts Council currently administers three grant programs, each with their own grant panel:

  • Cultural Development Grants for local, nonprofit cultural organizations with awards up to $30,000 and used for general program support.
  • Community Arts Impact Grants for local, nonprofit organizations with awards up to $5,000 and used for specific cultural projects for underserved populations.
  • Professional Development Artist Grants for local, emerging or established creatives with awards up to $2,000 and used for an education experience or equipment that will advance the artist’s career.


If you are interested in serving as a panelist, please fill out this Grant Panelist Application. Don’t forget to hit “submit” when you finish filling out the form.

Because of the limited size of the panel, not all nominees can be selected to serve on the current year’s panel, but the Arts Council will retain all submissions for consideration for future panels.

CONTACT: For more information, please contact the Terri at the Arts Council at 813.276.8250.