Thornhill Foundation for the Arts microgrant recipients.

Thornhill Foundation for the Arts Announces Microgrants

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Thornhill Foundation for the Arts.The Thornhill Foundation for the Arts (TFA) has announced microgrants awarded to Tampa visual arts teachers for supplies. New this year, the microgrant program provided gift cards to three Hillsborough County teachers for use in their classrooms. This year’s recipients were:

  • Heather Sparks, Art Specialist, Shore Magnet School of the Arts
  • Liz Van Allen, Art Teacher, Rampello K-8 Community Partnership
  • Jamie Perkins, Art Teacher, Booker T. Washington Elementary

Established in 2015 by siblings Sarah and John Thornhill, the Foundation’s mission is not only to raise arts awareness in the Tampa Bay area but to cultivate a cultural identity, promote diversity and creativity, and strategize a means for empowerment and inspiration. 

According to TFA President Sarah Thornhill, “We at TFA want to support the efforts of area art teachers who spend from their often limited salaries to provide supplies for their students, which are critical elements of their daily lesson plans.” In the future, the Thornhill Foundation for the Arts hopes to increase funds and grant opportunities for all teachers in Tampa Bay.

This post expires on Thursday September 28, 2017.