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Looking for Part-Time Instructors Who are Practicing Artists

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Under our Prodigy Cultural Arts program, the Florida Institute for Community Studies (FICS) has created a culture of breakdancers and visual artists. To apply, please use the links below (to listings). We do not accept phone calls.

Our instructors have found other gigs and now we need to fill these positions. We would prefer bilingual English-Spanish speakers but we are open to all types of artists who love their craft and can transmit this to our at-risk youth from 1st – 12th grades. You must be 18 + years old. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

1. Breakdance – we are looking for b-boy or b-girl experience, someone who can help youth get ready for breakdance battles and competitions. We envision a minimum of 3 years of experience in competitive breakdance as a pre-requisite for the interview/audition.

2. Visual Arts – we are looking for someone who can help older youth create a portfolio as well as teaching basic skills, like sketching, perspective, shading, etc, to all youth. Interest/experience in comics, anime, etc, is welcomed.

Pay is $25/hour of classroom instruction, $12/hour for training, lesson plans and outreach.

Please send us a resume that corresponds to your artistic achievements, not just other work obligations. Also, please send us a cover letter outlining your experience and interest in the position. We are required to hire only those people who can pass a Level 2 Background check from the Florida Department of Education. (We pay for the screening.)

DEADLINE: Until filled
MORE INFO: About Breakdance Instructor  |  About Visual Artist Instructor

Submitted by: Alayne Unterberger, Florida Institute for Community Studies