Art and Marketing

50 Things You Can Do Better to Promote Your Work – by Alyson B. Stanfield (Art Biz Blog) and reposted with permission. (1/2013)

How to Use Crowd-Funding Sites to Raise Money for Your Non-Profit by Joe Garecht of the Fundraising Authority (4/2012)


Arts in Education

Arts Education Navigator, a series of e-books designed to help educators, students, and advocates. Each e-book in the Navigator series covers a specific topic.

Benefits of Arts Education fact sheet from Americans for the Arts.

Creativity and Education: Why It Matters — A Nov. 2012 Adobe Systems survey. The survey of U.S. business professionals shows that 89 percent believe unlocking creativity is essential to economic growth, and 88 percent believe it belongs in education curricula. Classroom study of the arts and music ranked as the two most important subject areas that build creative thinking skills, followed by English and Science.

Arts in Education website from the Arts Council of Hillsborough County


Being Accessible, Serving Those with Disabilities

Guest Services for Guests with Disabilities — How best to accommodate participants and attendees with disabilities. (a publication of VSA Florida, the State organization on arts and disabilities)

A Guide to Using People-First Language — How to put emphasis on the person rather than their disability when speaking or writing (VSA Florida).

NEA Resources on Accessibility for Organizations – Improving physical access (ramps, accessible parking/box office/restrooms/seating, etc.), communications and programmatic accessibility can help your organization build audiences and strengthen engagement. The National Endowment for the Arts has resources to assist arts organizations in making accommodations.


Business Side of the Arts

Pocket Guides to Insurance for artists and arts organizations, a one-stop resource for crash courses in insurance for the arts, specific to the needs of your discipline. (posted 4/2013)


Impact and Economics of the Arts

Creative Industries Report, Hillsborough County, 2015 — From Americans for the Arts. The two-page PDF reports contain a color map of the area and a table listing the number of arts businesses and employees by industry sub-categories. The Creative Industries research uses Dun & Bradstreet data to document the number of arts-related businesses and employees in any geographical region or political jurisdiction. Data current as of January 1, 2015. AFTA prohibits electronic distribution. Call the Arts Council of Hillsborough County for a copy.

Economic Impact of Arts-Related Business in Florida — Data from an Americans for the Arts survey on arts-related businesses and jobs in eight Florida regions. (Americans for the Arts, January 2011)

Economic Impact of the Arts Summary for Hillsborough County — Summary of economic impact data of nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences in Hillsborough County. (Americans for the Arts, 2008)

How the United States Funds the Arts — a Nov. 2012 paper in PDF format from the NEA


Local Cultural Information

Hillsborough County Cultural Plan — Comprehensive publication defining six long-range goals for Hillsborough County. Recommends actions and funding to develop culture in Hillsborough County.

Multicultural Guide for visitors from Visit Tampa Bay — Publication presents an overview of annual multicultural events. Highlights local African-American, Asian-American and Hispanic services, entertainment and cultural businesses as well as a brief history of the area’s diverse heritage.