Overview of Our Grant Programs

The Arts Council of Hillsborough County supports the arts sector in Hillsborough County through grants to nonprofit arts organizations, to individual artists and by providing professional development programs to both grantees and non-grantees of the Arts Council.

The Arts Council’s grant programs are primarily funded by the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners. We provide:

  • Cultural development grants for nonprofit arts and cultural organizations,
  • Professional development grants to accomplished individual artists
  • Organizational development grants to nonproft arts organizations (suspended for 2016-17 due to lack of funds) and
  • Micro grants for Hillsborough County public school arts teachers (as funds are available).

Where the Arts Council Gets Money for Grants

The Arts Council’s grant programs are made possible thanks to funds from the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners, donations received from individuals and fundraising events such as FIVE by FIVE and Heart of the Arts.

More than $750,000 has been awarded to local artists since the program’s inception in 1989 and nearly $11.5 million in annual and special grants to cultural organizations since 1991. We are grateful for the continued support of our community, the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners and the Hillsborough County Economic Development Department that makes art happen.

If you have questions about the Arts Council’s grant programs or if you are interested in establishing a named grant fund to support artists, arts organizations or art projects in our area, please contact Terri Simons, Director of Program Services, at (813) 276-8250.