APPLY NOW: Arts Council Has $40,000 to Give Artists

The Arts Council of Hillsborough County has $40,000 to give Hillsborough County artists in 2017 as part of its annual artist grant program. The program funds grants up to $3,000 for specific purposes such as new work, residencies/ workshops, exhibitions, or other projects that will further the artist’s professional development. Applications are being accepted now through January 20, 2017 with the funding decisions being made in February. 

Who Can Apply

Applications for grants will be considered from accomplished local artists in the theatre, visual, dance, music, literary, media and folk art disciplines. The artist’s artistic CV/resume should reflect public performances, exhibitions, or publication accomplishments during the past two years. Applicants must be able to show they have been a resident of Hillsborough County since January 2015. Students and full-time arts faculty are not eligible. More information is detailed in the 2017 IAG Program Guidelines.    

How It Works

This year, applications and any related documents will be submitted electronically, a departure from previous years when artists submitted paper applications with their work samples on DVDs. While the electronic submission is new, the general format of the process is the same: Artists answer two essay questions – what do you intend to do and how will it help your career. They also submit their artistic CV/resume, the estimated cost of the project; and provide work samples. The quality of the work samples are extremely important as they count for 100 of 200 possible points.  

While it sounds simple, artists should start now by reading the Guidelines document, getting the work samples together and making sure their artistic resume is up-to-date. 

Who Decides

A panel comprised of art professionals and Arts Council Board members reviews and scores the applications. A maximum of 200 points can be given but an application must score at least 160 to be considered for funding. Grants are fully funded under this program and are awarded, starting with the top scoring applicants, until the money runs out. Funding decisions are announced in late February. The grant period begins March 1.


Help us get the word out to Hillsborough artists by forwarding or sharing this info with them. Thank you!

The Arts Council has been awarding grants to individual artists since 1989. During that time, more than $730,000 has been awarded. Funding for the Arts Council’s Individual Artist Grant Program comes from the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners, the annual FIVE by FIVE Celebration of the Arts and donations from individuals through Hillsborough Arts, Inc. We are grateful for the continued support of our community that makes art happen. 

Originally published Nov. 23, 2016.

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