Art Teacher, Part-Time, Bridge Prep Academy

This is a part time position paying hourly based on certification. Working days will be finalized upon enrollment outcomes – mid July.

Required Skills

Art teachers must be skilled in the following aspects:

  • Knowledge of art history and different art genres in order to teach a range of art styles.
  • Ability to communicate concrete and abstract concepts to students
  • Ability to spot and cultivate creativity

Art teachers work primarily to bring knowledge of artistic and creative concepts to students in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary learning environments. They help students understand the artistic concepts in various types of visual communication, including drawing, painting, ceramics, and design. Additionally, they must work to cultivate these skills while meeting the academic and emotional needs of each student as well as the grading and curriculum requirements at their school.

Skills and experience in both teaching and art will help individuals be effective in this career. Strong communication skills and in-depth knowledge about art history and art concepts can help a candidate stand out from other applicants.

Apply through Teachers-Teachers

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